What is the Hatch about?

The Hatch is an accessible, virtual collaboration forum where innovators can submit their creative ideas for improving the DON. In the Hatch, ideas can be refined through crowdsourcing and further developed by local innovators and subject matter experts.

What if I'm having technical issues with the Hatch?

Contact IdeaScale at

What if I have non-technical questions about Hatch?

Contact DON Innovation at

What do you want me to do?

You may submit innovative ideas, vote on existing ideas, or add comments. To submit an idea, please click the “Submit Your Idea” button. You will then be asked to add a title and choose a campaign for the new idea. To vote on an idea, simply click the up or down icon to the right of the idea title/description. To add a comment, click in the box below the idea.

Why should I participate?

First and foremost, participation shows that you want to be involved in improving the DON. As DON military and civilians, we are called to provide thoughtful feedback and useful ideas to improve our community. An incentive/rewards structure is being developed to recognize those who submit ideas, actively collaborate and advance ideas through development and implementation.

Where do I find out more about the badges I can earn?

A full glossary of the 30 badges can be found here: Glossary of Badges

How will my input be used?

Every idea will receive feedback from the Hatch community. Once an idea reaches a specific voting threshold (campaign specific), the idea will advance to the next stage of the process. More details on the process will be published in a couple of weeks.

My idea may be FOUO or classified, how do I submit that?

Currently, the Hatch does not have a FOUO or classified site to receive ideas that may fall within those categories. In the future, we will be exploring options on a FOUO and/or classified Hatch site.

What if I have an issue with my chain of command and just want to rant about it?

This is NOT the forum for airing issues that may require JAG, IG, or NJP proceedings. If you have a legal, ethical, or UCMJ problem, use your chain of command.

What is the guidance for online decorum and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

The Hatch comes with the usual host of profanity filters. Don't identify individual commands or specific individuals when you are discussing an issue. Talk about the problem and the solution, not the particulars. The moderators are likely to help you to frame your solutions so we get the most out of this interaction.

Will users know who I am?

The default user ID is your email address (minus domain name). All users have the ability to create a unique user ID when completing their profile. In all cases, we will ask for your consent prior to any public awarding of recognition or cash incentives.

Why didn't my comment show up on the site?

If your comment contains the following materials, it violates the terms of participation and will be removed: Threats of unlawful violence or harm to any individual or group. Obscene, vulgar, or lewd material. Defamatory or fraudulent statements. Terms commonly understood to constitute profanity or abusive or degrading slurs or epithets. Information that invades an individual's privacy. Information that if published would violate criminal law or give rise to civil liability.

What is required to participate?

In order to participate, you must be a DON civilian or DON military member. To create an account, click on "Register" on top right of the page and fill out the required fields. You are required to register with your .mil, .gov, or military .edu email address. You will receive a verification link via email. Clicking on the link will direct you back to the Hatch where you can enter and confirm a password for the account.

What browser(s) are recommended for use?

* Firefox 3 (or higher)

* Internet Explorer 7 (or higher)

* Safari 3 (or higher)

* Chrome 4 (or higher)